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luxury surf and lifestyle oasis in South East Lombok

This area of South East Lombok is a new tourist destination being promoted by the Indonesian government as "the new Bali"., so few know what to expect?

* what do i need to bring?

* what is available if i forget things? 

* how do i get there or get around ?

* what's the climate like

The list goes on and on.........

We shall try and address the questions and if you want to fire some questions to us, please do, by filling in the message form below, as this would help to populate this page. 

Where is Ombak Resort ?

Click on the getting to Ombak Resort link above.


The Ekas area is tropical, but very dry. Dry season is between March and December and rainy season is December to March. Lets not put you off with the words rainy season, as the rain here on the Ekas peninsular is a rare commodity. It has a similar rainfall to Bali dry season ! However, mid December to mid January sees the much needed rain.

Dry season is would be unusual to see any rain between April and November. Air temp daytime is between 26 and 32 deg c. Night time between 23 and 26 deg c. The "real feel" temps can seem much hotter. Do not forget to bring your sunscreen any time of the year !

What should i bring with me ?

Sunscreen......most important as good sunscreen is very hard to find and very expensive in Indonesia.

Rash vest....if you are here for the amazing water sports....essential !

If i forget something, i can just go down the local shop....yes ?

The nearest town with shops is approximately 30 mins drive by car, please bear this in mind when you pack. We do have emergency supplies at the resort, just in case you forget your toothbrush etc....

If you want to go Lombok shopping, we can arrange a driver for you ( a cost would apply).


The nearest ATM is about 25 mins from Ombak resorts, we do localy accept most credit/ debit cards in the resort, however, not everywhere else accepts them. If you want to go eat at a local warung or shop in the small local only !

Our rooms all have safety boxes for your valuables, and if you have things of a large value, we have a high security Chubb safety deposit system available.


If your main focus is bars , clubs and partying, this is not the area for you. Yes, we have a well stocked bar in Ombak Resort and a great fun space to socialise after a big day on the many activities available. Our guest lounge/ entertaining area is quite special and we urge guests to be respectful to others.


Ombak resorts has 24 hour security during our main season, March to December and night security all year.

The local area is very safe, but always be security conscious not leave valuables on display, just like when you are at home.

Car/ motorcycle parking

Ombak resorts has its own large gated off road car park

car/ motorcycle rental

There are very few cars to rent in this area.....hiring a car with driver is the normal if you want to go on day tours etc....we can organise this for you. Rates are very cheap in Indonesia.

Ombak resorts has a small fleet of scooters for rental, complete with surfboard racks...great for exploring the many great beaches in the area.

Please make sure your insurance covers you to drive a motorcycle, and do not forget to buy an international drivers permit from your home country before you start your journey. Your normal driving license is not legal in Indonesia without the permit. 

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