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The Surf
The Ekas area has an abundance of surf spots within easy reach. However, i shall focus this "heads up" on Ekas bay.
Most surfers have heard about this surf area, and for good reason ! The crystal clear water, clean beaches, dramatic scenery, rarely crowded and the winds are cross/offshore, all day every day.
Inside Ekas left.......This is often described as being like a wave machine !  Breaking in fairly deep water with long open faces peeling into the deep water channel for a dry hair paddle back to the peak. Surfable on all tides except when a super high tide and small surf.
Suitable for abilities except beginner (when the surf is bigger),
Inside Ekas right...... This breaks on lower tides and produces a fairly fast peeling right hander into another deep water channel. But be warned that the inside section grows into a fast and shallow race section with a funky little "cover up" section, if you hit it correctly......suitable for more intermediate/ advanced surfers....OMG ! lots of fun!
Inside Inside Ekas....... This is the end section of the left hander when the power has been dispersed. Great for beginners as it sits next to the flat water channel.
Baby wave........ The baby wave sits just off the beach breaking over the stunning white sand. This wave needs a bit of swell to hit Ekas but is a gentle rolling wave again next to flat water. I have never seen this break over chest high.
For learning to surf.....this is a unique and perfect spot.
Outside a monster waiting to eat you ! Always about 50% bigger than inside Ekas, The bigger it gets, the gnarlier are the barrels, the hold downs and punishment ! Only advisable for the advanced surfer.


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prices from just rp 250 000

surfing lessons
Ombak resort surf school is perfect for the beginner/ improver surfer to get you out in the ocean enjoying waves as soon as possible, in one of the best learner waves in Indonesia.
* Maximum class sizes are 4 surfers
* English speaking instructors
* All equipment provided
* Lesson times are 2 hours long
* Packages available


surfboard rental

We also hire surfboards.....from shortboards through to full noserider longboards.

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